Night to Shine is an unforgettable prom night experience, centered on God’s love, for people with special needs ages 14 and older. On Friday, February 12, 2021, Night to Shine will celebrate its seventh anniversary! The 2020 event saw 721 churches from around the world came together on one night to host Night to Shine for approximately 110,000 honored guests through the support of 215,000 volunteers! Even though Night to Shine 2021 will be a virtual experience due to COVID-19, we are excited to serve and celebrate as many people with special needs as possible in a new and unique way!

Last year, Night to Shine Hays saw over 170 guests (individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities) from 17 towns and 15 counties in central and northwest Kansas celebrated by more than 500 volunteers. While we know that this year will look much different, we will still do everything in our power to make this night special for our honored guests.

"We are trying to make a difference in their lives, and we are trying to make them feel like they are kings and queens, because I know that's how God sees them, and that's how we should see them."

-Tim Tebow


Guests (Individuals with Intellectual and/or Developmental Disabilities) at Night to Shine Hays are treated like the royalty that they are.

Prior to attending Night to Shine Hays guests are treated to a tuxedo or dress fitting if they need an outfit for their special prom.

The night of the event guests have the opportunity to get their hair styled at a local salon. Guests then arrive to a roaring red carpet entrance prior to meeting their buddies (Volunteers) for the night.  Guests then hang out with their buddies all night while enjoying a catered meal, dance and activities. At the end of the night, each and every guest is crowned king or queen of Night to Shine.




Volunteers are a vital part of Night to Shine Hays. Volunteers at Night to Shine Hays get the opportunity to show God's love to individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. Volunteers will have access to food and beverages in the volunteer room throughout the night.  

Volunteer Opportunities Include:

Set up


Food Preparation

Food Service


Guest Registration

Volunteer Registration



Coat Check



Karaoke Room

Clean up




Parents and caretakers are given the opportunity to attend Night to Shine Hays and take advantage of the respite room. The respite room is a great place to connect with other parents or caretakers. Parents and caretakers get to enjoy catered food and massages in the room. 

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